Get Started With Amazon Business Integration

Automatically account for the climate impact of every Amazon purchase with Bend

Tracking emissions today is too difficult, slow, and expensive. The Bend integration is here to help: when employees purchase products on Amazon Business, the specific line-item details are pulled in and matched to the corresponding financial transaction. Bend maintains a set of thousands of ‘emissions factors’ — the average carbon intensity of e.g. paper-based products, or computer peripherals, etc. Bend then matches each line-item of an Amazon order to a corresponding emissions factor (either a UNSPSC category factor or a specific product factor), and generates a comprehensive carbon footprint measurement for the purchase.

This methodology is the gold standard, aligned with carbon accounting best practices. Armed with this high-resolution data, procurement managers and employees can make more informed decisions. Set goals and track the emissions from your purchasing today.

  • Make sustainability-informed purchase decisions
  • 100% automated measurement
  • Gold-standard, high-resolution reporting
  • Aligned with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the ISO 14001 standard
  • Tap in to an 'emissions factor' database of 100,000+ factors
  • Engage your whole team; every purchase decision matters
  • Decrease waste as you cut carbon

How to get started

  1. Head over to the Integrations tab on Bend
  2. Select Amazon Business
  3. Authorize Bend to receive info from you Amazon Business account. Don't have an Amazon Business account? Sign up is free:
  4. As you spend money, your Amazon Business transactions will automatically be enriched with your line-item details!
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